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Alberta Boilers And Pressure Vessels Act

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Definitions for the Act. 1 For the purposes of the Act: " boiler " means a vessel in which, by the application of heat, (a) gas, steam or vapour is capable of being generated and pressurized, or (b) a liquid is capable of being pressurized or heated and includes fittings and boiler external piping associated with the vessel; " boiler system " means a power plant, heating plant, low temperature

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ABSA, the pressure equipment safety authority, is authorized by the Alberta Government for the administration and delivery of safety programs related to boilers, pressure vessels and pressure piping systems in Alberta.These safety programs are provided to ensure public safety and include the complete life cycle of boilers, pressure vessels and pressure piping systems.

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HER MAJESTY, by and with the advice and consent of the Legislative Assembly of Manitoba, enacts as follows: Definitions. 1. In this Act, "boiler" means a vessel in which steam may be generated or a liquid be put under pressure by heating; (« chaudière ») "boiler horse power" means the rating of a boiler determined by allowing one boiler horse power for each unit in the greater of the

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File Size: 909KB (a) a plant comprising two or more high pressure boilers; or (b) a plant comprising both high pressure boilers and low pressure boilers that is deemed to be a high pressure boiler plant pursuant to clause 44(2)(a); “inspection certificate” means a valid inspection certificate: (a) issued by an inspector pursuant to section 21 of the Act; or

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Alberta Boilers and Safety Association (ABSA) Suite 9410 20th Avenue NW Edmonton, Alberta T6N 0A4. Contact: Design Survey Phone: 780-437-9100 Fax: 780-437-7787 ABSA web site. Laws: Alberta Safety Codes Act Revised Statutes of Alberta 2000 Chapter S-1 Pressure Equipment Safety Regulation Alberta Regulation 49/2006

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Boilers And Pressure Vessels Act PART I — GENERAL Section 1 c t Current to: December 2, 2015 Page 5 c BOILERS AND PRESSURE VESSELS ACT CHAPTER B-5 1. Definitions In this Act (a) “accident” means an accident that results in damage to property or injury to or the death of a person;

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File Size: 406KB BOILER AND PRESSURE VESSEL c. B-5.1 CHAPTER B-5.1 An Act respecting the Design, Construction, Installation, Operation, Alteration, Repair and Sale of Boilers, Pressure Vessels, Plants and Pressure Piping Systems PART I Preliminary Matters Short title 1 This Act may be cited as The Boiler and Pressure Vessel Act, 1999 . Interpretation 2 In this Act:

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The following is a list of the regulations made under the Safety Codes Act that are filed as Alberta Regulations under the Regulations Act Alta. Reg. Amendments SAFETY CODES ACT 22 Safety Codes Officers Designation 31(1) On receipt of an application, an Administrator may Boilers and Pressure Vessels Act, RSA 1980 cB-8, or (f)

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ABSA the pressure equipment safety authority. Head Office 9410 20th Avenue NW, Edmonton, Alberta T6N 0A4 Tel (780) 437-9100 / Fax (780) 437-7787. Calgary Office Deerfoot Atrium South, Suite 380, 6715 8th Street NE, Calgary, Alberta T2E 7H7 Tel (403) 291-7070 / Fax (403) 291-4545. Email. generalinq@absa.ca

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File Size: 578KB The Technical Standards and Safety Act governs the administration of public safety in the Province of Ontario. There are two Boilers and Pressure Vessels (BPV) regulations under this Act with corresponding documents. Ontario Regulation 220/01: Boilers and Pressure Vessel Regulation. Summary of key changes to the regulation of pressure equipment

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Apr 25, 2020· Boiler and Pressure Vessel Safety Act § 40.1-51.5. Short title; definitions. As used in this chapter, which may be cited as the Boiler and Pressure Vessel Safety Act, the following terms shall have the meanings set forth in this section unless the context requires a different meaning:

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